Waterproof iPad Case

April 23rd, 2012

Australia’s leading producer in specialist 100% waterproof gear, CoastInternational, today announces the 100 percent waterproof iPad 3 protective case. It also supports all iPad generations. With a class five waterproof rating, users will be able to use their iPad 3 in the bath, by the pool, beach, or on a boat. The iPad 3 Waterproof Case can also protect users’ much-loved gadget from general wear and tear, dust, sand and dirt.

Waterproof iPad 3 Case

You may be familiar with our previous iPad Waterproof Case, the new iPad 3 case is similar only it enables the use of your iPad camera thanks to the new rear back window. This case can be classified as both an iPad 2 case or iPad case, as it is designed to support all generations.

Not only will the OverBoard iPad 3 Case float if dropped in water, it is also submersible up to six meters, thanks to OverBoard’s patented Slide Seal System. This opening/closing mechanism positioned at the top of the case is extremely simple to use. The switches slide apart and fix into the ‘lock’ position. Once sealed, they guarantee ultimate waterproof protection.

iPad Case

This waterproof case is compatible with a whole range of tablets including the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime and Sony Tablet S. The Waterproof case has a transparent face, which enables full use of the device’s touch screen controls or buttons, while still protected. It also includes a rear hand loop, shoulder strap and caribineer clip so users can comfortably transport their iPad 3 while commuting, or using in water.

At a retail price of $59.95 you can can purchase it from the following link http://www.coastinternational.com.au/products/Waterproof-Ipad-Case.html

Best waterproof smartphone case

March 12th, 2012

Do you have an iPhone, Android, Samsung or any other smartphone for that matter? Well if your anything like me, you’ll be worrying about getting it wet, getting sand and dust in it and just the overall safety and protection of your phone.

There is nothing worse then having to start your contact list all over again! Well the solution is easy waterproof your smartphone. I can show the best waterproof smartphone case yet to satisfy your needs, it’s the only one in the Australian market that I can find that does the job while allowing you to use your hands free device!

Firstly it will protect your smartphone completely, it allows for water submersion of 6m or 19ft, and is 100% resistant to sand, dust, dirt and water. Its unique material allows you to use the touch screen while it is in its case, and permits you to answer calls.  It is the only waterproof iPhone case, which not only allows you to listen to music but also lets you use your hands free device.

Smartphone case

Secondly, you might have come across cases that allow you to use your camera, but the see-through screen is in the wrong place! Therefore you can’t use it. This case has a completely clear front and back, so no matter where your camera placement is, you can take photos and videos on land or underwater. Its Lenziflex material is optical quality and minimizes distortion.

This new 100% waterproof technology case allows cyclists, kayakers and swimmers to use their smartphones simultaneously while exercising.

It has a recommended retail price of $34.95, put your mind at ease by protecting your phone. Check it out at the following link, http://www.over-board.com.au/waterproof-smartphone-case-black.html.Best waterproof smartphone case

Boat bucket, funnel and kettle

March 5th, 2012

Leading UK brand Wacky Practicals is releasing a new range of flexible material constructed gear designed for the most convenient storage you have yet to come across. The new range consists of items that help you with washing up and technical points when boating and or fishing; including a funnel, kettle, and bucket.

Wacky Practicals have utilised silicon to construct their newest range of products, which are designed in a range of colours for your personalization truly. However the best feature of these wacky products is they are foldable, so as to be stored easily in draws or cupboards, while taking up the very smallest amount of space possible.

Going boating or camping on your next holiday doesn’t mean you have to miss out on that reviving cup of tea. The collapsible kettle packs up into the tiniest space. When you’re ready, pop it up and onto just about any heat source.

Fold-away kettle

Once in a while we all need a bucket. No need for cheap plastic or heavy, galvanized metal versions that are cumbersome and awkward to store. Enter the award-winning Pack-Away bucket: another of life’s little problems solved. It won’t scratch your boat, and its silicon handgrip makes it easy on the hand for carrying fish, water, etc.

Fold-away kettle

Have you ever needed a funnel but couldn’t find one close to hand? You won’t need to fumble for one at the back of the cupboard anymore as these fit neatly in a drawer or tool box, and they’re perfect for the car for emergencies.

Fold-away kettle

See the entire range at the 2012 Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, Pavillion A stand 193 and 194, or simply click the link to the website, www.coastinternational.com.au.

IPad Waterproof Case

July 25th, 2011

OverBoards latest waterproof iPad case was featured in the Gold Coast Bulletin on the weekend and is proving to be a hit for anyone who loves gadgets, plus being around the water. OverBoard produces a huge range of waterproof cases, designed for the latest technology releases including waterproof cases for tablets, waterproof phones cases, waterproof cameras cases, waterproof mp3 cases and speakers. They also have fantastic range of dry bags, waterproof duffels and innovative waterproof backpacks that even float.

New Zealand Endurance Magazine Waterproof phone case

July 19th, 2011

New Zealand Endurance Magazine, latest edition features our iPhone waterproof case. This 100% waterproof phone case is ideal for all smart phones and all phone features remain usable. Given the Maori name for NZ is Aotearoa (which literally translates as “land of the long white cloud” Clearly if New Zealand is named after a cloud, it going to needs a good supply of OverBoard waterproof cases!!

iPhone Waterproof Phone Case

Waterproof Running Case

July 12th, 2011

The Over-Board team members and I managed to successfully cross the finish line for the Gold Coast ½ marathon thanks to our waterproof MP3 arm cases and due to a little training.  The morning of the race was a surprisingly pleasant temperature despite our dark 6am start time during the middle of winter.  My nerves were running high prior to the race, but having a partner to run with as well as the assistance of my iPhone, which gave me a much needed level of comfort.

Prior to starting my training for the event, I had decided to tryout an OverBoard waterproof MP3 case and waterproof pro-sports headphones.  Both of them turned out to be very handy during my training and half marathon itself as I was able to comfortably carrying my iPhone and listen to my music while not having to worry about sweat or rain damage.  Where the music helped pass the time and provided motivation, the app, “My Run” was a massive help through my training program due to tracking my distances, average kilometre times during the run and upon finishing provided an overall summary of my performance and calories burned.

My personal goal going into the race was to finish around 1:35, which averaged out to 4:30 km split times.  The application helped me maintain this pace for the first 15 km of the race.  I had created a running playlist specially for the race of hard rock and techno songs for motivation and for every km I completed, the song would pause and a ladies voice informed me of my last split time, my total km’s completed and overall time.  This was crucial in helping me achieve my goals because the total time was seldom shown during the course and the distance markers were confusing at times because there were different ones displayed for both the full and half.

The iPhone app acted as an excellent pacer for the first three quarters of the race, but at that point I was feeling shockingly well and decided to test my endurance and amp up the pace.  I handled the increased pace well, but for the last couple of kilometres I had hardly anything left in my tank and solely really relied on the motivation of ACDC blasting through my waterproof headphones.

Marine Business News

July 5th, 2011

Marine Business Article featuring our new Waterproof iPad case, ideal for iPads and tablets. Fully submersible to a depth of 19 ft and all functions remain useable inside the case.

iPhone Waterproof Case [Black]

June 28th, 2011

The iPhone waterproof case is now available in sleek, professional black colour verses the previously limited aqua iphone waterproof case.  The waterproof case still comes with all of the same desired features and accessories including the transparent front window, which makes the iPhone 100% usable whilst protecting it from the dust, sand, dirt and water.

Now you never have to worry about being restricted from accessing the numerous water related apps and other capabilities of your preferred smartphone, whilst out exploring the great outdoors. The iPhone waterproof case is used by adventures, police, rescue organuisations, lifeguards and anyone who loves being around the water.

Sydney Boat Show

June 21st, 2011

Bias Boating has committed again to showcasing its extensive line of marine and boating accessories, including OverBoard at this year’s 44th annual Sydney International Boat Show July 28th-August 1st.  The large scale Bias Boating stand will feature the new line of waterproof cases including hot items such as the newly released iPad and iPhone waterproof cases, 60-littler waterproof duffle bag, and the ever so manly, pink dry tube.  Bias Boating is also excited about being able to display its new range of waterproof backpacks.

The product line will include reputable and durable name brands including OverBoard, Tempress, Starbrite, Startron, and Boatmate.  We look forward to sharing our excitement and passion of our products with you soon.

Thailand experience with the Dry Flat Blog

June 21st, 2011

In preparing myself for my backpacking tour of Thailand and Cambodia, I was given a list of recommended items.  Of the items I was suggested to buy a waterproof bag.  I had heard of the product, but had never really considered buying one.  I decided to check out the selection at a local Bias Boating store. I came across a few viable options, including dry tubes, dry bag backpacks (would have been my ideal choice, however being a poor uni student I went with less expense 30-liter dry flat bag).  In comparing it to the comparably priced dry tube, it did not seem to be quite as durable, but I valued the thin light weight material and its ability to fold down to next to no size due.

The suggested bag turned out to be priceless throughout my three week travels in Thailand and Cambodia. For one I had not realized prior to arriving in Thailand that they were in the middle of their rainy season.  This was somewhat disappointing, but didn’t stop me from having an incredible time.  There was one evening where my friend and I had decided to head up to the view point on Phi Phi Island before sunset.  We didn’t even think about the weather being an issue, however once on top as the sun was setting, a sudden strong gust of wind appeared, followed by an intense flash flood.  It was not a pleasant surprise, but fortunately I had brought along the dry flat bag, so I was able to quickly through our cameras and cell phones into the bag before they got absolutely soaked like us on the trek down.

Another instance where the flat bag came in handy was during the boat tour of the islands.  On one of our last stops, the boat anchored kayaking and swimming distance from Monkey Island.  We all wanted to bring our camera ashore, but didn’t want to risk them falling into the ocean on the journey over. Thankfully, the bag turned out to be perfect solution given the situation.  I packed my camera along with four others and jumped aboard a kayak.  I managed to successfully get the bag onto the island without getting it wet. We all were able to capture pictures of the stunning beach and of our first encounter with wild monkeys.  The interesting part was on the return journey back to the boat.  As I like to explain, there was a series of “massive” shore breaks and in attempting to jump aboard the kayak, I not so graciously lost balance and fell into the ocean, immersing my bag full of everyone’s electronics.  I had no intention of testing the “water-proof” capability of the bag, especially with the liability of my mate’s possession, however luckily the bag worked as promised.  No water entered the interior and everyone’s towels and cameras were fine.

Overall, the dry bag turned out to be worth every cent and helped aid my amazing tour of SE Asia.