My first dry bag, dry tube, waterproof case

The other day I finally decided to purchase my very own dry bag, which is essentially a waterproof case.  I had grown up borrowing my mate’s bags on occasional trips, but never actually bothered to make the investment myself.  As with most purchases I did a little research on the market.  In doing so I came across a wide range of prices and quality bags.  Naturally I tend to go after the lowest priced items.  However doing a little research on-line, I decided to spend a few extra dollars and buy the higher end product.  The biggest selling point for me with the OverBoard bag was the welded together seams verses glued to ensure a 100% waterproof seal.  There were 5, 12 and 20 LTR bags

OverBoard Dry Bag at The Quicksilver Pro

offered for sale, but personally I felt the 12 LTR dry bag was best due to its versatility and ability to easily store all of my water sensitive items.

Using the dry bag is essentially as basic as throwing your items in the bag and closing it shut.  The only additional thing to remember is that you have to fold the top of the flap tightly 3-4 times in the direction of the black plastic strip to ensure a 100% waterproof seal.  Once you have done this simply piece the clips together to lock the seal.  Whereas the clips do form a handle, I actually found the shoulder strap provided to be easier to use when carrying the bag around.  Lastly, a few of my friends have actually gone to the extreme measures of doubling up the dry bag for an additional peace of mind.  I didn’t find it necessary and only bought myself one.  However, out of curiosity I had a little look and found out that the waterproof rating for the dry bag was 3 out of 5, suggesting that the bag can only handle quick submersions and will float.  Therefore, if you believe you might encounter a situation where the bag could be submersed for a longer period, the double bag could help you become fully protected. I decided live on the dangerous side and risk the chance of the bag not floating and being stuck under water.  And so far, knock on wood, the single bag has kept all of my enclosed belonging dry with the exception of a few drops when I have unravelled the seal.

Surprisingly, I have found the bag to be very practical for a number of situations.  Firstly, the bag was helpful not only in preventing my belonging from getting wet inside the bag, but also in situations where I needed to keep my sweat saturated gym clothes from getting other items in my school bag wet after an intense work out.  The dry bag worked exceptionally well, because it helped compress my wet clothes and when placing it into my school bag I was able to prevent my text books and binders from getting damp.  In saying that, I must advise, the dry bag is only good for temporarily storing wet items.  I discovered this after leaving my gym clothes in the dry tube for over a day and upon opening the bag the next day I was presented by a horrific stench.  Needless to say I will not be making that mistake again!

Over the past week, I found the bag useful in keeping my towel, camera, cell phone, wallet and change of clothes dry as I watched the Quicksilver Pro surfing competition knee deep in the water.  The bags never actually fell off my shoulder, but regardless it was comforting knowing my valuables would have been protected.

Next the bag is great for saving space.  My flatmate travelled the world using the dry bag for the sole reason of being able to stuff a lot of his belongings into a relatively small bag.  Lastly, in thinking outside the box, the dry bag can be used as a make shift esky on a fishing trip!

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