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Coast International Pty Ltd is an Australian owned lifestyle products company, supplying boating, camping, fishing, cycling, kayaking, snowboarding, paddle board and action sports stores, throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific islands. We supply leading retail groups such as BCF, Bias Boating, Burnsco and hundreds of dedicated independent retail stores.

Lifestyle sports are our passion: Based on Queensland’s Gold Coast, which is arguably the lifestyle capital of Australia. Our staff regularly surf, boat, kayak, fish, paddle board, ski, wakeboard, bike, sail, 4wd, run, explore and generally have what we consider a great time. Our team is passionate about the outdoors and delivering innovative, cutting edge products at affordable prices.

Experience: Lifestyle sports are our life and every morning our team can be found on the water or on the road, testing and using the products we recommend. Sure we lab test products and review scientific test data, however Australia’s extreme climate is the ultimate testing ground and nothing beats physically testing products in real life situations. Real life product testing gives us a unique understanding of what our customers expect in a product and hey, it a great excuse to get out of the office!

We are 100% committed to delivering outstanding customer service, so feel free to call or email us should you need product advice or help in locating your nearest stockist.