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 Overboard 5Ltr Dry Bag & Waterproof Phone Case

As the director and head coach of Paddle 2 Fitness, all of my coaching sessions are done on the water, so the safety of my athletes is an imperative aspect of my business. If something were to go wrong at any time I need to ensure I can get assistance immediately. With the small Overboard waterproof Aqua phone case I never have to worry about my phone getting wet and therefore not working. This gives me and my paddling client’s a greater piece of mind allowing their concentration to be focused on the paddling session at hand.

 When coaching a technical sport like paddling I need to have the latest technology available to assist my clients. While in my motorboat I am open to the elements and generally have stopwatches, video cameras and client’s car keys sitting on the floor of my boat. Now with my Overboard 5ltr dry bag I can safely stow all these items in one waterproof dry bag keeping items safe. In addition, if for any reason the bag did fall overboard I have the confidence of knowing the bag will float for easy recovery.


Julian Norton-Smith 12/04/2010

100% Water Proof Messenger Bag

I have the new satchel from the Carbon range, which Overboard has just brought out. I am fairly hectic and get out a lot with my job and I need to bring my Laptop and Paperwork with me all the time. If I end up indoors or outdoors I no longer have to worry if the weather turns bad, because everything I take with me is now protected. The satchel is comfortable and tough, still looks brand new despite the abuse I give it. Compared to my last satchel that looked a year old after two weeks, the Overboard stuff is fantastic.

 Luke Johnson: Personal Trainer December 5th, 2009